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      Safe Environments


      Safe Environments

      In the Regnum Christi School Network we recognise the great responsibility we have to protect the integrity and dignity of each of our students.

      The commitment of everyone in the school is to do everything possible to ensure a healthy and safe environment where the dignity of all people is respected and promoted, especially of each of the children who study in our schools.

      Today more than ever we know that abuse, regardless of its nature, causes deep pain and damage to the person who has suffered it, to his or her family and to society as a whole. This awareness has led us not only to have a policy on the subject, but also to ensure that every employee, without exception, is aware of it, understands it and lives it at all times.


      Our Safe Environments Policy includes principles, standards and procedures to ensure that a safe environment is in place to prevent any abusive situations. This policy has three sections:

      1.A code of conduct for all persons dealing with minors, which aims to safeguard the physical, sexual, psychological and social integrity of every minor in the school.

      2. A clear procedure to follow for reporting and dealing with transgressions of the established code of conduct.

      3. A guide to the implementation and verification of the Safe Environment Policy so that the suitability of staff to work with minors can be monitored and reviewed.

      All staff working in schools are properly trained in the policy, which means that they are aware of the seriousness of abuse, work actively to prevent situations that could put pupils at risk and, in the event of a report of abuse or a breach of the code of conduct, know how to act with clear procedures that seek firstly to put an end to it and then to proceed in accordance with the country’s regulations.


      Prevention involves all of us, so if you have a message about something that worries or concerns you in relation to Safe Environments in our schools, we invite you to contact us: