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      The quality of our institutions is not only about education but also about our services and areas of work.

      ISO 9001

      Certification of quality in the provision of educational services.

      Cognia antes AdvancED

      The world’s largest educational community with more than 100 years of accreditation experience.

      This international accreditation is focused on improving the quality of student learning.

      College Board

      Assessment testing system, college accreditation, educational planning and teacher certification.

      The College Board is an international organization committed to educational excellence. It has a system of assessment tests, university admission, educational planning and teacher certification. Some of these tests are administered to our students and we have been able to track them over time and use this information to improve our curricula.

      Reading Street Program

      This is a literary programme in English for primary school students. This material is used by students from North American schools, which means that the level of the books is like that of a native English speaker. These books are used by all our students at primary level.


      These are English language tests which are designed to assess how students use English in everyday situations. They are administered in some of our schools.


      IELTS is an English language test. It is jointly administered by Cambridge University ESOL, British Council, and IDP Ielts Australia. It is administered in some of our schools at high school level.

      Regnum Christi

      Regnum Christi is an international Catholic ecclesial movement to which our schools belong, which seeks to establish the Kingdom of Christ in hearts and society. It places its own charism at the service of the life and mission of the Church, which is shared by lay faithful, single and married, consecrated men and women and diocesan and religious priests.

      Club NET

      It is a NET Virtues Programme and seeks that all children experience love, discover that they are loved, are happy, and that this leads them to seek their own good and the good of others. This programme is carried out by our students from 1st to 4th grade of primary school.


      It is a programme of virtues which means good heart, because that is what we seek to form in each of our children and the people around them. This programme is carried out by our pre-school children.

      Missionary Youth and Family

      Missionary Youth and Family is an international apostolate that was born in Mexico in the late 1980’s as a response to the call of the new evangelization of His Holiness, St. John Paul II. Each year, our students and families have the opportunity to participate in the Holy Week Mega Missions and follow-up missions as part of the 50,000 missionaries, who visit approximately one million people to bring them the message of Jesus Christ. Our young people and families have the opportunity to participate in the missions that are organised throughout the year and in the most important of the year, the Megamissions.

      United Family

      A professional organisation with an international scope that seeks to support the family by offering it the means of training and guidance so that it can enhance its growth and that of each of its members. It promotes the creation of alliances between families with similar values and beliefs so that they can support each other and create a favourable environment for the development of their members. The schools offer this programme with workshops, conferences and tools for the parents of our students.


      ECYD is an international Catholic organization of teenagers who make a covenant with Christ and with each other to build a new world according to the Gospel. The mission of ECYD is to collaborate with Christ so that He may reign in the hearts of adolescents and in the world. The name ECYD stands for “encounters, convictions and decisions” and is carried as an option in the schools of the Semper Altius Network.

      Club Giro / Club Faro

      Its mission is to create healthy, happy and attractive environments where teenagers can mature as Christians and human beings. An environment where they can form a harmonious personality and strengthen their leadership skills, projecting themselves in a work of charity and apostolate, contributing to transform their society. Primary school pupils can join the clubs on an optional basis.