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      Pedagogical Model


      Active Learning

      Our pedagogical model is based on the mission and philosophy that has always characterised us, integrating new educational trends and the highest international standards.

      We ensure

      that each student makes sense of what he or she learns, thus achieving active and meaningful learning.

      We seek

      the development of life skills, critical thinking and problem solving.

      We recognise

      the student as the protagonist of his or her learning process, adapting teaching to his or her rhythms and ways.

      We promote

      that the teacher guides and accompanies the student to help him/her enhance his/her capabilities through feedback and dialogue.

      We apply

      different active methodologies that prepare students to face challenges, propose solutions and transform their environment.


      Graduate Profile

      Our model is focused on preparing students for life by gradually developing 10 competencies that will enable them to excel and meet the challenges they face now and in the future. These competencies focus on the student achieving:

      Communicate their ideas clearly and assertively.

      Reason mathematically in a logical way and solve problems.

      Think scientifically and know how to make decisions.

      Search for, analyse and use information responsibly.

      Foster a culture of respect and inclusion.

      Live values and virtues.

      Appreciate and express themselves artistically.

      Achieve self-knowledge, appreciation and commitment to others.

      Show initiative and persevere.

      To care for health and the environment.



      The formative process requires that the student experience being loved, appreciated and valued. From this experience will come, in gratuity, the desire to love and to place oneself at the service of others.


      Training objectives of the students:

      Forming truth seekers

      Forming free and mature people

      To form leaders in the service of society